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Creative Direction

Walmir Luz


Drawing inspiration from the exquisite gardens of France, we are thrilled to announce that the Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino will soon unveil its own French garden. This enchanting space will feature meticulously arranged areas adorned with signature symmetrical and geometric patterns, harmoniously bringing together nature and the iconic Eiffel Tower. Prepare to immerse yourself in an outdoor club experience brimming with French flair, as we introduce Chéri.


Chéri is a sophisticated destination that exudes an air of refinement and captures the essence of romance. Its design is influenced by the unparalleled elegance found in the renowned fashion capital of the world.

Cher Begin
secret garden.jpg
Final Logo.png

The Chéri logo takes its essence from classic serif font patterns while combining it with an organic curvature that adds an approachable yet elegant personality

Chéri Entrance.png
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